Julie Packard: Proposed EPA rollback of fuel economy standards ‘doomed to fail’

A statement from Monterey Bay Aquarium Executive Director Julie Packard:

Monterey Bay Aquarium Executive Director Julie Packard. Photo courtesy Motofumi Tai.

Today the Trump Administration and its Environmental Protection Agency have formally proposed weakening national fuel economy standards and rescinding California’s waiver to set more stringent targets. By doing so, they are abandoning their responsibility to the American people and directly challenging California’s climate leadership.

It’s an effort that is doomed to fail.

Monterey Bay Aquarium stands with the State of California as we have in the past in the face of similar challenges.

An extended wildfire season across the American West and unprecedented extreme weather events around the world are evidence of the impact of global climate change, fueled by greenhouse gas emissions. Rim Fire photo courtesy U.S. Department of Agriculture

The science is clear: The accelerating pace of greenhouse gas emissions threatens the health of ocean life and the living systems that support human civilization. New science emerges every day to support these conclusions, and this summer’s unprecedented global heat waves, torrential rainstorms and catastrophic fires demonstrate with clarity that we have no time to lose.

Now is the time to act with urgency to address the threat, not to reverse course on the progress we’ve already made.

California Gov. Jerry Brown will co-host a Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco in September.

The Aquarium will use its voice—including at the upcoming Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco—to mobilize support for actions that reverse our self-destructive course, and put us on a path to a secure and sustainable future.

Learn more about the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s work to address global climate change.


8 thoughts on “Julie Packard: Proposed EPA rollback of fuel economy standards ‘doomed to fail’”

  1. absolutely unacceptable, how could we possibly go back
    on any progress which is in the process!
    The air we and our children breath in should be the
    absolute best.


  2. Julie, I applaud you and your efforts to stand strong in support of global and California initiatives for the environment, nature and oceans. The Trump administration is out to destroy all we have accomplished and turn the clock back on progress. Stand strong together and fight.


  3. Not only is it a stupid idea it is a horrible business model. All if the progress that has been made towards energy efficiency can’t be changed overnight and will make anyone who follows this model non-competitive on the world market. The Chinese SEE the air they are breathing and are going all electric. This is the last throes of a dying industry (oil) being pushed by an idiot at the behest of the oligarchs that own him. There is no market for cars with poor mpg. Wake up. Our forests are on fire. It is time to change before it is too late.


  4. Good for you and the MBA! The attempt to roll back necessary protections for our citizens and our planet is wrong headed and vindictive.

    If this planet is to survive these steps and MORE are necessary. No falling back and wishful thinking allowed!


  5. Julie, Thank you for this statement. I suggest that the State of California, or the MBA, or the David and Lucile Packard Foundation support the Local Environmental Observer (LEO) Network (leometwork.org) as one effective tool for California citizens to use to document unusual environmental change. Please contact me if you have any questions about the LEO Network, or how it could be easily implemented in California.


  6. Being a long term conservationist, my husband and I have limited our carbon footprint by building a passive solar home in 1982 and converting it to active solar a few years ago, living within 1 mile of our work places, not vacationing around the world, etc. Every day we are careful in the use of California’s precious water. Increasing we must become suspicious of the use of position and carefully constructed messaging for the advancement of a political agenda in the Holocene epoch.


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