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Partnership for a plastic-free ocean

Singer-songwriter Jack Johnson supported the Aquarium’s campaign to pass Proposition 67.

The votes are (mostly) tallied. The 2016 General Election was surely one for the history books—in many ways.

In California, voters confronted one of the longest ballots in the state’s history, with 17 ballot measures. The last of those measures, Proposition 67, was a referendum on a statewide ban on single-use carryout plastic bags. A majority of California voters needed to vote YES to uphold that first-in-the-nation law.

And you did!

The Aquarium and our partners invested incredible time, energy and other resources to help win this ballot fight. Many officials, commissions, editorial boards, conservation groups, entertainers and other supporters also endorsed the measure.

Our visitors and online followers chatted about it on our social media platforms. Our neighbors and friends provided encouragement and helped spread the word. Countless people wore our buttons, carried our signs, and joined the movement in one way or another.

Natalia Hurley of Monterey Bay Aquarium supports reusable bags.

We want to take a moment to say thanks.

Through our collective work, we were able to make all the difference.

The opponents represented a handful of out-of-state plastic bag manufacturers who poured more than $6 million into defeating California’s historic law. In stark contrast, YES on 67 supporters included an extensive and diverse group of people and organizations that have California’s best interests in mind—and at heart.

We’d like to thank those organizations and individuals with whom the Aquarium worked most closely in the campaign to pass Prop 67. (This is not a comprehensive list.)

Heal the Bay’s Voter Guide urged a Yes on Prop 67.

Environmental Organizations

California Senator Fran Pavley supports the statewide plastic bag ban.


Government Officials


Governing and Advisory Bodies


Newspaper Editorial Boards

California Natural Resources Secretary John Laird supports the Proposition 67 campaign.


Aquarium and Zoo Partners




And, of course, voters like you.

By banning single-use carryout plastic bags statewide, together we’ve helped to reduce a major source of plastic pollution in our communities and in our ocean.


Learn more about the Aquarium’s work for a plastic-free ocean.

Featured image (from L-R): “The Bag Monster” character, Monterey County Supervisor Jane Parker, Monterey City Councilwoman Libby Downey, Dan Jacobson of Environment California, and Monterey Bay Aquarium’s California Ocean Policy Manager, Letise LaFeir, stump for Proposition 67.

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