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Act now to end the ivory trade in California!

Update: The California State Assembly overwhelmingly passed the ivory trade ban on June 2. Next step: Hearings and a vote in the State Senate.

California has a chance – right now – to end the ivory trade that’s decimating walruses, narwhals and elephants. And your voice can make a difference.

The State Legislature is about to vote on AB 96, a bill to ban all ivory and rhino horn sales in the state. Legislators need to hear that you want California to be a leader in the fight to keep poachers from slaughtering wildlife into extinction.

AB 96 comes up for a vote in just a few days. Visit to email your legislators and ask them to make California just the third state in the nation to ban the ivory trade. California represents the second largest market for ivory sales in the United States. A ban here will keep illegal ivory that leaks through our borders from getting to unknowing consumers.

Aquarium supporters made their voices heard when we led the fight to end the shark fin trade in California. That movement continues to spread across the nation.

Now you can speak out for other animals that can’t speak for themselves – elephants, walruses and other creatures whose tusks and horns make them a target for wildlife criminals.

Tell California legislators to end the ivory trade

Photo courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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