The future of bluefin tunas

Bluefin tunas are among the most remarkable fishes in the ocean – apex predators that migrate across ocean basins for long distances at top speeds.  Biologically, economically and culturally significant at a global scale, they have long been the target of lucrative fisheries. Today, they face a range of threats worldwide.

Now the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Stanford University – partners in the Tuna Research and Conservation Center – will host the Bluefin Futures Symposium in 2016. It’s a gathering of science, policy, industry and conservation leaders to address the status and future of bluefin tunas in the global ocean.

From January 18-20, 2016, this three-day gathering will bring together the world’s foremost bluefin science and management experts to discuss issues that will shape a sustainable future for the planet’s bluefin tuna populations, and to consider a future global vision for bluefin tunas.

The program will cover the latest scientific knowledge for all three species, current and new fisheries management tools, the economics of the bluefin tuna industry and trade, the emerging role of tuna aquaculture, and the impacts of climate change. It’s all with the goal of shaping a vision for healthy, sustainable bluefin populations.

Learn more about the Bluefin Futures Symposium and how to attend

Photo ©Gilbert van Ryckevorsel

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